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Site Building Inspection & Assessments

After over 15 years Commercial, Domestic & industrial cleaning & 5 years’ experience Inspecting and assessing Insurance claims in In Victoria – Melbourne & Geelong District we discovered many areas for improvements and savings in relation to time and cost of assessments, make safes, restorations specialist reports and repairs. Resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Over this time, we have observed the long time frames between initial inspections, make safe call outs repairs, Restorations and final reports. Which could take as long as a week or two.

We can complete all three Inspections within the first site visit.

These Include:
Emergency Restoration Make safe works to mitigate further losses and damages.

Initial Site inspection: Including Causation report and scope of works

Restoration/ Structural Drying. We make a qualified determination and comparison between the cost of replacement of damaged items vs the likely hood of successful restorations. And provide our recommendations based on the cost saving.

Final damage report scope of works and restoration clearance certificate confirming and providing Infrared and digital images documenting successful completion of drying and sanitising of mould or contaminated materials.

Our Service will save you time and money and ensure an increase in customer satisfaction levels.

As you are well aware of the frustrations bought about through Variations as a result of undetected water damages within the first inspection due to the builders/assessors not having the specialised equipment, certification or expertise in water ingress claims to reveal the damage which is not visible to the naked eye. Just imagine how much time, frustrations and variations could be saved if an inspection was completed using the latest Specialised Thermal Imagery Cameras to scan the surrounding areas for thermal anomalies and back them up with moisture readings.

Our Infrared Camera is a Flir Specialised camera designed for building diagnostics with market leading sensitivity to .02 of a degree. Along with this equipment we are a Certified Thermographer trained to diagnose the images and identify false or inaccurate readings due to emissivity and reflection based on the material being scanned.

Simply having a cheap point and shoot Infrared Camera without the training/certification and computer analysis software leaves a great margin of error and can lead to mis-diagnosis and result in costly variations and the claim blowing out in time and costs.

How many times have you received a variation after restorations have been completed?
Further damages caused by over drying of building materials like vinyl wrapped vanities and kitchens delaminating as well as further damages caused to plaster joints like cracking and peeling if too much moisture is removed and the area is over heated.

To minimise the risk of this occurring we take special measures to ensure building materials at risk are removed from the environment or limit the heat generated by the equipment so it does not exceed the manufacturers temperature tolerances.

As an experienced Restorer, Cleaner, Qualified Structural Drier we understand how materials react to water and heat and if they can be salvaged. We understand building material technology and refer to manufacturers guidelines and recommendations eliminating unnecessary drying of materials which are not salvageable. We determine if the materials are restorable or repairable and then make a cost based determine if to dry or to remove and replace the item in question.

We are Qualified Structural driers (Restorer) that are also registered builders allowing us to perform building works including Insurance assessments, scope of works and that can provide documented Infrared reports clearly showing the areas of water intrusion before and after restoration works. These reports clearly and visually illustrate the extent of the damage and can be used to support works have been successfully completed. We are also Licenced as a Private investigator experienced in identifying potentially fraudulent claims.
During the restoration process we use the latest techniques potentially restricting the need to remove undamaged pine skirting’s resulting in unnecessary repainting using the latest equipment.

We make Qualified / Educated recommendations if and to what extent restorations are required or if the affected item requires replacement based on the Cost of Repairs Verses the Cost of Restorations. We carefully document all Moisture levels, Temperature, Relative humidity readings daily to mitigate the potential for secondary degree damages.

We are fully Insured and in compliance with industry standards, including the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Mould Remediation and S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. reports are prepared to the edition if re- quested. All Building associated works/reports and recommendations are based on the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

If you feel you could benefit from using our services, please feel free to contact me. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to meet with you and answer any question you may have.
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